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What is DNS propagation? 甚麼是DNS的傳播?
Last Updated 10 months ago

Any time that DNS changes are made (on any level), you need to wait for propagation to complete. Propagation usually takes 1-2 days, but can take as long as 7-10 days. During propagation, traffic may come to either location. One person may see the new server while someone else sees the old one. Also, may work while does not. All of this is normal during propagation.

Please note that this means that just because you go to the new site when you type in the domain name does not mean that propagation is complete. The best way to determine whether or not propagation is complete is to review the statistics for each site (the old one & the new one).

DNS一旦有所變更 (對任何級別), 你便需要等待傳播完成. 傳播通常需要1-2天, 但可能需要長達7-10天. 傳播期間, 網絡路由可能會走到任何位置. 一個人可能會看到新的伺服器, 而別人看到舊站. 此外, 你還可能可以看到, 但同時看不到 所有這一切都表示在正常傳播中.

請注意, 這意味著, 當你輸入域名能到達新的站點, 並不表示定傳播己經完成. 要知道傳播是否已完成, 最好的辦法是檢查每個網站的流量統計 (新及舊的網站).

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