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What is Virtuozzo Power Panel 什麼是Virtuozzo Power Panel
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VPS Power Panel is a powerful web-based administration tool, intended for use by VPS administrators. With VPS Power Panel, VPS administrators can easily perform many critical management tasks:

  • VPS Start/Stop/Reboot
    Start, stop and restart the VPS
  • VPS Services Management
    Manage VPS services and processes such as stopping an offending task or restarting a service
  • VPS Resource Monitoring
    Monitor VPS resource utilization for CPU, system, disk space and disk inodes
  • Embedded SSH Client
    Connect via integrated SSH client to the VPS
  • VPS Actions Log
    View the VPS actions log to monitor resource shortage alerts and various VPS events

VPS Power Panel is accessible via 4643 port. For example:
If your VPS server IP is, VPS Power Panel would be accessible as:
Username: root
Password: (The password is same as your administrative password)

VPS Power Panel是一個功能強大的網頁介面管理工具, 主要提供給VPS的管理員使用. 使用VPS Power Panel, VPS的管理員可以輕鬆地進行很多重要的管理工作:

  • 啟動/關閉/重啟VPS
    啟動, 關閉及重新啟動VPS
  • VPS的服務管理
  • VPS的資源監控
  • 嵌入式SSH客戶端
  • VPS的紀錄檔

VPS Power Panel是可以通過4643端口進入的. 例如:
如果你的VPS的服務器IP是12.34.56.78, VPS Power Panel,將會是:
使用者名稱: root
密碼: (這個密碼和你的管理員密碼相同)

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