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How do I connect to my Windows VPS? 我要如何連接我的Windows VPS?
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The following article explains how to connect to your Windows VPS using Remote Desktop. Remote Desktop establishes a direct connection to your Windows VPS allowing you to login and manage the VPS. It is usually found under Programs > Accessories > Communication from the Start menu. To connect VPS using Remote Desktop, please follow below steps:

  1. click "Start" > click "Run" > enter "mstsc" > press "OK"
  2. Enter the IP address of your VPS.
  3. Enter your username and password.
Remote Desktop should be installed on your Windows by default. If it is not, you can download it at the following locations:

以下文章將介紹如何使用Remote Desktop連接你的Windows VPS. Remote Desktop接駁一個連線到你的Windows VPS後, 你可以登入及管理VPS. 一般你可以在這裡找到Remote Desktop - 開始 > 程式集 > 附屬應用程式 > 通訊 > 遠端桌面連線.
要使用Remote Desktop連接VPS, 請依照以下步驟做:要使用Remote Desktop連接VPS, 請依照以下步驟做:

  1. 順序按下 開始 > 執行 > 輸入 "mstsc" > 確定
  2. 輸入你的VPS IP位址
  3. 輸入你的用戶名稱及密碼
預設地你的Windows已經安裝有Remote Desktop的. 如果沒有, 你可以到以下地方下載:

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